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At the end of 2016 I started a podcast: Steps and Tools for Emotional Intelligence.

In each episode I drill down into topic that I find of interest personally and one that has been important to numerous clients. Each episode is brief (10 to 20 minutes). You may subscribe to the podcast at itunes. Or, you can see all the episodes here.

Here are the show notes for a few of the episodes to give you an idea of the kinds of topics I address.

Episode 6 The Hidden Anxiety Mechanism inside OCD

Jan 23, 2017

What are obsessions and how are they different from compulsions?  Can obsessions and compulsions ever be good?  What is OCD? What are the various forms of OCD? Dr. Greg Hamlin briefly explains an easy way to get a handle on these questions. The key is to have a clear understanding of what an obsession is and how compulsions appear to relieve the tension that’s stirred up by obsessive thoughts.  Once you understand the dance of one obsession and one compulsion, you can see how they work together to create an anxiety mechanism that can be quite strong inside the brain.  This understanding allows us to see why runaway obsessions and compulsions can impair our emotional intelligence and hints at how to fight them.

Listen to Episode 6 now.

Episode 8: What is Burnout?

Feb 24, 2017

People who experience burnout don’t necessarily work harder than those who avoid it.  But people who have the emotional intelligence to recognize burnout in it’s early stages are able to pace themselves more effectively.  Most importantly, people who understand burnout are in a position to be significantly happier, despite being in a demanding job. In this episode, Dr. Hamlin explains how to be savvy about your well-being by avoiding the quicksand of emotional burnout.

Listen to Episode 8 now.

Episode 19: A Crystal Ball for Your Relationship

July 25, 2017

The research of Dr. John Gottman has spanned over 40 years and lays claim to the most scientific understanding of what makes couples happy together and what breaks them apart.  In this episode Dr. Hamlin discusses Gottman’s famous “Four Horsemen” as patterns of communication and how to use them in a dating relationship.  Unless these 4 negative communication patterns are recognized and changed, the future spells trouble for the couple.  These four ways of interacting are the most important areas to think about, talk about with each other, and change together.

Listen to Episode 19 now.