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This has been a lot of fun for me because there have been some surprises. Three years ago, I quickly made a video that I titled, “How to Speak to a Narcissist.” The production quality of the video is very plain. I didn’t think that many people would be interested, so I forgot about it. The description I gave for the video was very basic:

Dr. Greg Hamlin explains the two major characteristics of the narcissistic personality type and offers some tips for how to communicate more effectively with people who show these characteristics.

When I checked on it several months later, it had 185,000 views and a ton of comments. At the end of 2017, it had over 500,000 views. It struck a nerve. So, I plan to create more content on this topic.

Many people have found themselves languishing in a work relationship or a personal connection to someone who seems incapable of empathy. If you have any interest, I hope you will watch it and post a comment.

The other videos on my YouTube channel contain a mixture of topics, including episodes of my podcast, “Steps and Tools for Emotional Intelligence.”



My Steps and Tools Facebook page is where I post shorter versions of some of my blog posts, twitter highlights, and my podcast episodes. It’s also where I will post announcements of webinars and other resources that I think could be useful to my clients and others.


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If you read some of my tweets, it may give a you a sense of how I think. This might be useful to you in choosing a therapist. However, the articles on this Web site are more current and more in-depth than the 140-character thoughts in my twitter account.

Here are samples of my tweets:

#Thankfulness is not a train that stays on its tracks. It is the act of putting the derailed train back on the tracks. #mindfulness

#Grudges look for retribution. They want and demand apologies, not so that they can offer #forgiveness, but so they can refuse it.

Feeling overwhelmed? Try breaking the problem in parts. Divide and conquer. #reduce stress

Negativity creates extra layers of #stress

A simple experiment in #empathy: think about the back story of each person that frustrates you today. #kindness #mindfulness

Love protects. But so does #denial. The key difference is that love is honest.

Do something courageous today. Listen carefully and respectfully to someone who has an opinion different from your own.

I suspect that we all think we give more encouragement to others than we do.

#FrustrationTolerance is controlling your impulses under pressure. When anger flairs, try to slow down the conversation.

Love means watching someone’s back and not exploiting their weaknesses.

#Empathy can be cultivated. Pose the obvious question to yourself, “What might I think, feel, and do if I had this person’s situation?”